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Full Version: [HP Prime] Request: re-execute history like CASIO classPAD serie 300/400
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Is require a new function menu to re-execute the history and not have to edit expression by expression (line by line) this feature is available in the CASIO classPAD serie 300/400 calculators

I do not want a clone of the CASIO calculator, if not to equalize technologies

is very important for example, to compare outputs between different modes (maximum simplification and none simplification).


another application

if you want to change a parameter, easily edit a x-line and all the history changes down, is like an interactive history (classPAD300/400)

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Request #2

On the entry line a text string with prefix // or ; in the end not duplicated on history like the sMathStudio Program


Why on Entry line, then [ENTER] return a vector?


a:=[[1,2],[2,-1]]; b:=[[-1,1],[2,1]]); c:=[[-1,2],[1,4]]); MI:=identity(2);


[ a:=[[1,2],[2,-1]], b:=[[-1,1],[2,1]]), c:=[[-1,2],[1,4]]), MI:=identity(2)]

=> =(

[ a, b, c, I2 ] ?


a, b, c, I2

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