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Full Version: [i41CX+] Sandmath 4.4
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I've been generally successful with running SandMath 4.4 (SMATH44_B22.MOD) on the i41CX+ emulator. However, I don't own an actual HP-41, so I'm wondering if the following issues are specific to the emulator:

  1. XEQ MKEYS sets the launcher (associated with the top left key) to FL# instead of FL.
  2. XEQ DSP? produces NONEXISTENT, although DSP? can be successfully execute by navigating through the VMT catalog. Apparently similar functions, e.g., PRIME?, work as expected.
  3. T>BS produces a blank display.
  4. Turning on the virtual printer has an annoying side effect. When functions, e.g., GAMMA, display RUNNING..., this remains stuck in the display (you can clear RUNNING... from the display, but the result is never actually printed). This doesn't happen if the virtual printer is off.

The current port arrangement is:

  1. i41CX-MATH
  2. SMATH44_B22
  3. ALPHA44

Note: The emulator has a feature where it downloads modules from a website. Unfortunately, the default URL points to an old version of TOS's module repository. The correct repository has a subtly different URL (prepend www).

It's been a while since the 2x2 version was replaced by the 3x3, but I remember there was an issue with T>BS on that revision. I doubt that I fixed it since, can't you use the 3x3 version instead? That would probably also take care of MKEYS, although that one I've never heard before.

Also DSP? is in the secondary FAT, so you need to use the "SFL$" launcher and not the mainframe function "XEQ"

Unfortunately my iPOD is old and I cannot update the iOS anymore to the required version and that prevents also updating i41CX (with the Libary#4 support), so I can't check the other issue you report with the virtual printer.