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Full Version: HP 80 emulator
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For android only, the first FULLY working hp 80 emulator.

DAY and DATE works and ALL examples of the manual are ok.

Some debugging of my emulation was needed to find a subtle bug in the emulation of some opcodes. When corrected, all date functions are now working.

Look for go80c on google market or look at LINK

P.S. I send a mail to E. Smith from a message in this forum, did you receive my mail about HP29 rom ?

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Thanks !

I can't see it yet on Google Play. Maybe it will appear in a couple of hours !




Is there an alternative to the Google Market where I could purchase and download the .apk files for your emulators? I would like to side-load them on a Kindle Fire--but Amazon's Kindles do not play nice with Google Market. I've looked for your emulators in alternate Android app stores (AndriodPIT, Bazaar, GetJar, etc.) without success.

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX

Edited: 29 Aug 2013, 12:24 p.m.

Got it!!! Another fine emulator for vintage calculators.


Hi Eric,

I think quite a few of us would be grateful if you could help Olivier with the ROM images (not copyrighted as earlier than Voyagers) that you might own due to your great work of dumping them... Olivier managed to debug tricky parts of the HP-80 emulation, I'm pretty sure he could do a good 29C emulator... I understand from your docs that you also might have the 22 and 27 roms, this would be priceless for lovers of these calcs ! Please help... we would be so grateful... :)