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Full Version: Los Angeles Times on the HP-12C
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Dented and duct-taped, old HP calculators still beloved by planners:


Not certain why they chose that guy for the 12C demo in the video. I'm even more shocked because he thinks the 12C was made in the 60s or 70s.

I sure wish newspapers would both do their research and pick interviewees who know what their talking about.

Didn't watch the video but what's wrong with:

HP introduced RPN calculators way back in the early 1960s. In the 1980s, HP released its best-known version, also called the HP 12C.

The guy in the video thinks '60s or '70s for the 12C. The reporter got it right.

And that was the point of inaccuracy I was referring to. Thanks for reinforcing my disappointment with the video.

The guy in the video is clearly a user rather than an calculator enthusiast or collector, so why worry about a slip which was corrected by the reporter? He seemed to capture why the calculators were still popular in the financial field in a way that someone not raised on them could understand.

This kind of publicity helps keep these old calculators alive through introducing them to new users. I for one was glad to get my HP 15c Limited Edition calculator as a recent by-product of the continued production of the HP 12C.


Good point.