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Full Version: Broken HP-97 to spare?
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Wonder if someone has a broken HP-97 to spare?

Or are there already schematics available for this calculator?

cheers from .ch


I have one HP-97 in nice condition that also works properly, excepted the printer.

It prints, but the paper doesn't roll properly, and stay blocked in the printer. Nothing seems to be broken though. I haven't investigated much.

I plan to buy a Prime when it will be available, so perhaps is there a way to trade ?

Feel free to send me a mail if you need more information, photos, etc.

Kind regards.

The DVD set available from this site includes the HP-97 service manual. That has the schematics and detailed documentation on theory of operation, waveforms, etc. You can't do better than that.

My old '97 was reason enough to get the DVD and I've never regretted it. I highly recommend it!

I've already ordered the DVD set this week.

Said they don't sell individual manuals or CD's online as ISO images.