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Full Version: HP 35 ... 80
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New android emulator for HP 35 with good rom and also buggy rom :)

(try 2.02 LN e^x)

Look for go35c on google play or look at LINK

For the 80, the only known rom is too buggy to make something of it, sorry :(

I did the 35 when I realized that the 80 can't be done with the actual rom.


Thanks! I just checked my iOS versions of the 35 from Amelio Consulting and Maciej Bartosiak. Both passed with flying colours!

Edited: 26 Aug 2013, 4:23 p.m.

Good to know you have an HP-35 emulator. I just purchased my copy.



What bugs have you found with the 80?

If you've found TVM problems, that's due to the TVM not working the same way as in later HP financials. The 80 has four-variable TVM, but the variables have to be entered in specific orders, and are stored in the stack, so attempting to do any intermediate calculations will cause TVM calculations to not give the expected results.

I haven't tried Amelo's emulators yet, but I do have Maciej's RPN-80, and as far as I can tell, it works perfectly according to the manual, with one exception: The date arithmetic doesn't work (as indicated on the description in the app store).

Sadly, Maciej's iOS emulators are no longer available.


I just patched some code to enable a working rom with date functions on the 80, I will certainly put a go80 emulator soon on google play :)

But to be safe I need some informations ...

For DAYS and DATE:

What is the stack state AFTER the execution of the function ?

What is the state of the automatic lift of the stack after the function ?

Thanks in advance if someone can test on a REAL 80

Sorry, I don't need those informations anymore, the go80c emulation is now fully working.