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New android emulator for HP 55 with working timer mode (accuracy not so good ...), extended registers working (try stats functions, they will works, other HP 55 emulators can fail)

Look for go55c on google play or look at LINK


Now I just miss the HP19C/29C, 10C to have all the programmable old HP calcs ...

Edited: 25 Aug 2013, 2:53 p.m.


I have not tried your Hp-55 emulator but this is an opportunity to tell you that I am a very happy customer of your go65c.

It is the only calculator I use on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.70 (CyanogenMod 10.1) and the quality of the emulation, keyboard and display is perfect!

Any Go80c in the works for us traditionalist bean-counters ?

Congratulations for the great work !


Congradulations on another awsome looking emulator (I'm jealous!). It is starting to look like I might have to get myself an android tablet (or an android emulator), particularly if you manage to produce a go29C one day...

Mike T.

Good work Olivier. I just bought my copy for my Samsung phone. The emulator works like a charm and does MUCH better than its competition.


In a next release, can you offer an option to include more memory steps for the HP-55?? That will really help.

Also can you offer an enhanced version where the black GTO key acts as a third shift key and works with the upper row buttons? For example [GTO][Sigma+] can, say, clear the statistical registers. Another example is [GTO][Y^] can calculate X^ from a given y. I am just suggesting these as an examples. You can choose to use such combinations of [GTO] keys to support more important functions, like Gamma.



Looks nice.
Any intention for an iOS version?

Edited: 26 Aug 2013, 2:04 a.m.

The next release is done with :

- '0' prog helper corrected

- accurate timer even at speed greater than x1 (synchronized with android timer)

As it is an hardware emulator it use the published rom of the HP55 from a public patent.
To add features, you are free to use the 4 256 words pages not used in the current rom to code some patches over the HP rom.

I already done this kind of stuff for the HP97 rom (to add 5 new opcodes and extending the memory) but I won't do it for the HP55 rom ... too time consuming for a basic calculator.

For the HP97 it goes from 26 regs and 224 steps to 106 regs, 896 steps and a new 'e' index register (see LINK )

P.S. sorry no iOS release (search for an old post where I explain why ...)

P.P.S for go29c, I need the rom :(

P.P.P.S in the meantime, there is a go38c for bean counters ;)

Edited: 26 Aug 2013, 5:43 a.m.

Where do I find instructions on using the extra features for the HP97+??? The emulator works better on my HP mini-tablet.


As an iPhone user, I also vote for a version.