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Full Version: [HP-Prime CAS] No pretty print (MathBook)
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imho the red '?' must be on the Nspire for :


I agree with you about pretty print (by the way why don't use small font on the prime as you do on the TI?). And i'm very confident that this points will be improved in next releases.

As you know, the Prime reserve 'i' and 'e' for imaginary and exp. Perhaps this will change with special i and e chars. Not sure it will be a good idea, there are + and -. in my old math courses I remember that we avoid to use i and e because it's confusing (and in electricity we use j and not i for the same reason). There are no problem in your last example,it's logic.

3i+3i is not very beautifull... Same for e^e

EDIT to your edit ;) A..Z are numericals varaiables. You cant use them in symbolic

Edited: 23 Aug 2013, 5:08 a.m. after one or more responses were posted

* currently e^x in CAS mode, is seen in linear form, e^x in HOME mode ok

* matrix({i,j}) is also observed in linear form =(

* matrix .+ expresion => point has been deleted =(

* matrix .- expresion => point has been deleted =(

* union and intersect, no operator (u/n) has been included =(

* transpose(matrix) => mat^T like mathBook

[request] contact(matrix1, matrix2 ) => matrix1 | matrix2 like mathBook and MAPLE

include smart or pretty printing (didactic) for the solve command,

it requires on programming a new command (expressionTolist) to display the response in list format