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Full Version: Missing functions on the HP Prime!!!??? :-(
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After exploring the wealth of math functions and polynomials on the HP Prime emulator, I noticed that the following functions were missing:

1) Bessel functions

2) Bernoulli numbers

3) Bernoulli polynomials

The history of HP calculator has supported calculating some of the Bessel functions, of integer orders, in the Math Pacs of various vintage calculators (in fact I was playing with the HP-67 Math Pac today and calculating Bessel function values). The Bernoulli numbers and polynomials have never been implemented in any HP calculator math pac. I am asking about these functions since the Prime now supports, for the first time, various orthogonal polynomials (Laguerre, Legendre, Hermite, and Chebyshev). So why not add Bessel and Bernoulli functions as new functions???


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More important to get things right, with a smaller subset of functions that are fully tested and well documented, before starting the "lets lump in everyone's favorite function" game...



Zeta for complex arguments is one of them.


That is the awesome part of calcualtors being programmable; it can be used to fill any missing holes and customize the calcualtor.

exactly, just program it !
But it will be good if the INPUT( command could accept CAS variable.

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I agree, the INPUT command is very limited. I usually use pass-through arguments, (myfunc(a,b,c)) instead of INPUT. At least pass-through arguments allow various types of input.

INPUT allows not only numbers but also also strings (between ""), matrices ( [[]]) , vectors, list etc ...