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How do I enter matrices, dimension them, designate a result matrix? I can do this on the 15C, but it's not obvious to me how to accomplish this on the 34s!


Please see pp. 35f of TFM. Continue reading (as indicated) on p. 144 and p. 101 for LINEQS.


Edited: 18 Aug 2013, 1:16 p.m.

Without reading the aforementioned manual: a matrix descriptor consistst of three numbers: the register i where to start storing the elements, the number of rows r and the number of columns c. These three numbers are merged into one using the format i.rrcc. So for instance 5.0203 is a matrix descriptor for a 2x3 matrix whose elements are stored in register 05 and the following. This is similar to the numbers we use for ISG and DSE.

The simplest way to enter a matrix is using the program MED. Use up- and down-arrows to navigate through the elements. But you can just as well store the numbers in the correct registers.

Say you want to find the inverse of [[1 2][3 4]]:

1 STO 00
2 STO 01
3 STO 02
4 STO 03
0.0202 M-1
RCL 00 -> -2
RCL 01 -> 1
RCL 02 -> 1.5
RCL 03 -> -0.5
Compared to the HP-15C you have to make sure the matrix descriptors don't specify overlapping regions. But you are not restricted to use just five matrix descriptors.

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If the column count is missing, the matrix defaults to square. Thus the descriptor here could be just 0.02.

- Pauli