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Full Version: hp 39gii lcd clear question
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I know that you are all playing with the Prime. As usual I am a step behind and still playing with my (real) hp39gii.

I wrote a simple program that creates, for each loop iteration, a number and display it via the 'print' command. When the program ends the stack is empty.
If i run the same program twice, i can still see the results of the first run of the program and the new ones. It seems it is a kind of stack which is different from the one available for calculation which is not cleared at each program run and cannot be cleared via the 'rect()' command like a grob.

If i switch off the calc, this stack is empty like a kind of garbage collection.

Any idea of the command i can use to clear the stack?

It is possible i didn't install last firmware so please apologize for not being up to date.


Giancarlo from Italy (training for the prime)

Hello, to clear the terminal, just add PRINT;

Print () in a program to clear.

It is a basic output terminal. On-T together brings it up or down, and bksp clears it.


Thank you very much. Unfortunately the 'print()' command without argument(s) doesn't work on my calc. I think it is a matter of firmware.
Would you mind telling me where i could find the last 39gii firmware?



Read my post : PRINT; without the () works ;)

No way. As soon as i write PRINT(); or PRINT; in my program, i got a sintax error. If i comment the line (inserting a double slash // before the print command), the program run flawlessly...

Any idea?



You should update you calc.

Both PRINT and PRINT() works for me

Edited: 18 Aug 2013, 7:21 a.m.

Firmware 1.3 sept 2012 : here