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Full Version: HP Prime - How to STO in RPN mode?
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I've just begun playing with the emulator and I can't seem to be able to STOre anything into a variable, I only get to create new variables prefixed by the STO arrow symbol!

I guess I'm missing something obvious here...

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Edited: 16 Aug 2013, 11:53 a.m.

Enter the number or whatever you want to store, press ENTER, call up single quotes, enter your variable name, press ENTER again, and finally execute STO>


2: 8

1: 'A'

Stores 8 into A.

Keystrokes: number, [ENTER], [Shift] , [ ( ) ] ( '' ), variable, [ENTER], [Shift], [EEX] (Sto>)

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At first sight, the 'store' procedure of the HP Prime is close to the same procedure on an HP-28S.

Are you sure that HP Prime isn't emulating RPL mode instead of a regular RPN mode?

I should have known, being a long-time RPL user. (actually I'd tried, but failed to find the single quotes).

Anyway, I found this rather inconvenient in the Prime: the single quotes are shifted, then I need to ENTER before pressing Sto (which is also shifted...)

In the RPL calcs it is much easiear, with ' and STO as primary functions, and with the LeftShift-Softkey shortcut for VAR menus.

I feel this should be improved to make RPL usable, since STOring is such a common operation. Any ideas?

Why RPL at all? RPN would do ...


<<"Stores 8 into A.
Keystrokes: number, [ENTER], [Shift] , [ ( ) ] ( '' ), variable, [ENTER], [Shift], [EEX] (Sto>)">>

Seems like a lot of work just to store a number into a variable. Compare to A=8 in most numerical software running on other handheld devices (e.g., phones, tablets) or number, [ENTER], [alpha], variable, [ENTER], STO in HP48gx.

... or number STO variable in the HP-42S.


Oops, I meant RPN

* In algebraic PRIME :

number 'softkey STO>' ALPHA A ENTER (4 keystrokes)

* On my 50, if the variable exists :

LSHIFT SoftMenu ( 2 keystrokes)

If the Var don't exist

ALPHA A STO (3 keystrokes)

* RPN Prime

Shift '' ALPHA A -> shift STO (7 keystrokes )

I hope this will be improve with the Prime in RPN.
A template could be done for this (for example with a STO> in the soft menu (there is nothing inside for now)

'SoftMenu STO>' could give

'' |> (with the cursor between the quotes '' and Alpha locked.
3 keystrokes (with one letter variable, ENTER include)

Edited: 16 Aug 2013, 5:10 p.m.

"Any idea?"

1/see below about a 'template' idea (value + 3 keystrokes including ENTER). Could [ '¤'|> ] softkey (¤ is a square, and |> the triangle)

2/ Unshifted '' in the unused softmenu

3/ Unshifted STO in the unused softmenu

But only HP could do this. However, it seems very simple things

Edited: 16 Aug 2013, 5:14 p.m.

I do agree.