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Full Version: Part Numbering at HP, Grapevine and EduCALC
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I catalog and file all my documentation by HP Part Number, EduCALC Catalog Number, Sequential Index number for everything else.

I am confused by books published by Grapevine, such as "An easy Course In Programming The HP-41" by Ted Wadman and Chris Coffin, Illustrated by Robert Bloch, ISBN 0-031011-00-0.

EduCALC cataloged it as "Stock #P-193". HP gave it a part number "92234T" in their insert booklet "A Wealth of Accessories to Complement HP Calculators, the HP-71 Handheld Computer and Peripherals". "92234T" is printed on the back cover of this paperback, spiral-bound book ("An easy Course In Programming The HP-41").

Can anyone explain the part numbering?

There is no logical logic :-(

The 92xxxY are just a catch all set of numbers that HP used for 3rd party vendor stuff. Like the cowhides for Clams (18C, 28S) and so on.

Hope that helps