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Full Version: HP Prime - transferring between calc and PC
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With the HP Prime, does anybody know how are apps supposed to be transferred from the PC emulator to the actual calculator?

Arguably one would want to develop serious apps in the emulator and then be able to transfer them to the calc - or to share them with others?

The only thing I can see in the manual is usb cable transfers between calcs. Maybe the pc emulator will talk via USB cable with the calculator? The slightly different cable plug shapes described in the manual worry me a little - is this standards based?

And under Home / Settings are "Wireless Network Properties" though that is probably for configuring the DataStreamer stuff? Would be good if you could directly connect to a wireless network and transfer programs.

P.S. Not sure if there is a better forum for asking these sorts of questions. I found HP's http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Calculators/bd-p/bsc-408#.UgxSemSMGGo though that was by google luck. Certainly trying to find calculators via http://h30434.www3.hp.com/psg/ was difficult/impossible. Then at some stage after registering for the above, and googling some more, I ended up staring at yet another complex HP registration page related to hp passport or something, after which I gave up and came back to the only sensible place I could think of - here!

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You'll get two USB cables, one to connect two Prime calcs, and one to connect the Prime to a PC or to the AC adaptor. You can exchange programs, apps, and data between the emulator and the Prime, or between two Prime calcs. Whenever you'll see a 'Send' menu item you can exchange that data type with the connected device.

As far as I understand wireless connectivity is an option you have to pay for, and it looks like it needs some additional hardware. I don't see a real advantage over a direct connection by USB cable, and it might have the disadvantage of needing some additional power. However, it might be possible that with wireless connection you'll be able to send data to several other calcs in parallel, which would be a nice feature of course.

And under Home / Settings are "Wireless Network Properties"

Wireless is for classroom. It permit teachers to monitor all calcs in a classroom, so they see what is on screen of calcs and they can read and write to calcs. it include sending programs/custom apps.

Maybe the pc emulator will talk via USB cable with the calculator?

It is a feature and it work both ways, just like if you hook 2 calcs together.

I believe someone already posted the connectivity kit somewhere with screenshots and stuff.

Remember though, HP has not officially released anything and the only files available are ones not authorized for distribution. It is not surprising therefore that you don't find it available for download at the hp support site or anything.

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