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Full Version: Virtual HP-IL Video Interface ILVideo the 2nd!
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Nearly one year ago I expanded my Virtual HP-IL device family with ILVideo, a simulation of the HP-82163 video interface. So it's time to make a first step by updating this software to version v1.1.

Moreover I'm proud to announce a successor of the ILVideo program and a new member of my Virtual HP-IL device family. ILVideo80 a simulation of the HP-92198 80 column video interface for Windows2000 and later. Win9x isn't supported because the distributed binary is a Unicode version to support the Roman-8 character set of this video device.

Both simulations are available at http://hp.giesselink.com/hpil.htm.

Like with my HP-82163A simulation I tried to simulate the HP-92198 with a connected monitor on technical level as close as possible to the real device. Technical level in this case mean, that the simulation has a much faster display update than the original device. Also in difference to the original the simulation does not perform the ESC'z self-test and it makes no difference if the device is operating in NTSC or PAL mode. The simulated integrated video monitor accept both standards! All other ESC sequences are fully supported.

This is also the right place and time to thank Sylvain Cote for his assistance. Without him this project would have never been realized by me. The HP-IL message decoder still base on Jean-Francois Garniers implementation inside his Visual Basic version of ILPer, but now with multiple status byte report and auto extended address mode.

An Emu71/Win version with auto extended address support in the HP-IL module simulation will be published later this year.

Thank you for keeping HP-IL alive, great work!
Next logical step would be emulation of a graphical video interface like advanced pac screen or Graubau GR-7, right?
Since these interfaces are based on HP-GL, a HP 7470 plotter device would result automatically as a spin-off.
By the way, I haven't got one of these ultra-rare devices, but I am pretty sure that there are people around here who could help.
Don't take my proposal too serious, I know that it would be a tedious task, and I am very grateful for the device simulations that exist already.

Since you generously published the source code I was planning to write the virtual plotter device, but unfortunately Visual C++ is new to me, and it's been a long time since I was engaged in Windows programming.
Another emulation that would certainly be welcomed enthusiastically would be a 2225B thinkjet device, since there are a lot of programs and modules (41C and 71b) that make use of its 80 (or 132) column feature.

Thank you again, Christoph!


For quite a while I am at the "virtuual HP7470A opt.003" to connect to Christoph's virtual HPIL. I am stuck with the display as I programmed all in ooREXX what is somewhat limited doing graphics, at least from my point of view. Well, maybe I ask for to much if I'd like to 'paint' HP-GL to pixels on a hidden canvas in full resolution from which I may derive a shown canvas with the users's zoom settings. And the hidden one should be stored to disk as JPG on demand.

A "virtual HP2225B" would be a dream-come-true.


Congratulation Christoph for this another great simulator. The 8th!

(ILPer, ILVideo, ILVideo80, Emu28, Emu42, Emu48, Emu71B & 82240B)

This is quite an accomplishment!

How you can find the time to make these simulators is a constant source of amazement for me.

My part is the easiest and I get to play with the next jewel beforehand. 8-)

Being fortunate to have almost all HP calculators, pocket computers, IL devices,

several IB devices, two PIL-Box, I can easily test any simulator being developped,

compare it with the real thing and sniff the IL messages before and after the device under test.

Unfortunately, having little time available to do the tests I am frequently

the bottle neck delaying the availability of a new simulator and/or version.

That said, I am having a blast doing the tests and at the same time deepening my

understanding of the device being tested.

For the bravest of you, the missing IL simulators are:

2225B Thinkjet Printer

7470A HP-GL 2 Pens Plotter

82905B Impact Printer (modified Epson FX-80/85)

82168A Acoustic Coupler

Encore une fois Christoph de l'excellent travail, bravo!

Best regards,