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Full Version: HP10C series battery door compatibility?
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HP10C series battery door compatibility?

Does anyone know if any of the battery doors fit more than one model? And if so which ones?
In particular, does the battery door for the HP12C (I suppose there is more than one?) fit any of the other models?

Thanks guys and gals...

Any of the vintage 1xC doors (3LR44) fits any of the vintage 1xC calculators. I don't know about the newer builds.


Any non-Chinese 12C battery door will be the correct color and fit to match the 10C and the other Voyagers of that time period. This would include units produced in USA, Singapore, Brazil and Malaysia.

When the 12C production went to China, the color changed from dark brown to black which is about the same time the remaining Pioneers (17Bii, 20S and 32Sii) changed to black as well.

Calcpro had some stock of the older 12C doors in brown. Part number is 00011-40009. His website appears to be off line but I know he is still in business, a web search might turn up a phone number.

Samson Cables might be able to help as well: Link


Samson Cables might be able to help as well: Link


Wow, only $29.95 for the original version 12C battery door. I think I'll buy two :-o

Better to go to ebay and buy all manner of used 12c to get a battery door.

Heh, I went browsing the web using the part number (00011-40009 thank you Randy for that) and found the following prices:

$49.95 (regularly $60.94)


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I'll make one from a spare case back and a set of files first!