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Full Version: Self-made WP-34s flashing cable?
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This has most likely been discussed before, but I seem to be unable to find the answer: What's necessary to build a flashing cable for the HP-20 / HP-30? Is it a simple cable with an admittedly special connector, or is there more to it? Does anyone have the schematics?

I'm asking because I'd like to build a WP-34s but seem to be unable to acquire one of these (accurately dubbed 'unobtainium') cables...

Kind regards, Victor

Excellent, thanks a lot!

I'd suggest you get a USB board from Harald Pott instead - then you can use a standard USB cable.


Now that's something I can reasonably do!

It does amaze me that there isn't a connector around that can handle the physical interface if not the whole cable.

If I bought the terminal strips I would have a lot of strips leftover.

I wonder how much it would cost to 3d-print a mounting block? It's basically a rectangular block with 6 holes in it. It would make it more stable.

Victor, I have a pristine cable that is not working because I clumsily broke off one of the pins. This was almost two years ago when plenty of them were extant and Gene sent me another.

I am sure the working aspects of this dead one can be harvested. Please take it off my hands. I would ask for only postal costs. leslie dot wright at rogers dot blackberry dot net, if you wish.