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Full Version: It's killing me that the Prime isn't...
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...in the stores.

Yes, I know it's going to be a stretch to get it in the hands of kids, but I just wish it were already in a TON of stores.

I'm taking my kids out to get their school supplies and Target and Wal-Mart and the calculators are -- literally -- flying off the shelves. I asked the Target guy if they have more of them and he said they restock them overnight because they're almost gone every day. The kids love the color calcs, and the parents are buying them.

I cringe every time I see another TI drop off the rack and into a cart...

Just sayin'


Well, me too. :-)

However, to be on the shelf right now you have to have the deals inked and products on sale back in the feb-march time frame. It is that long of a lead time in retail channels for pretty much any store product per my limited understanding. I'm not a marketing/sales person, but I suspect others that have to deal with shelf space see the same sort of things.


Edited: 4 Aug 2013, 11:57 p.m.

I thought I read/watched/heard somewhere that HP was hoping to have them available "before school starts" -- I take it they mean the academic year in 2014...?


Yeah, intellectually, I know that. Doesn't make it any less painful...

(and if it's painful for me/us, I know it's doubly painful for you!)



Edited: 5 Aug 2013, 1:52 a.m.

Each store / chain has their dates for "resets" where they must finalize their displays on each aisle.

You might have had better luck with a display in the aisle itself, but some chains don't allow those.

Most importantly, the product has to be finished early enough to realistically be placed on the peg.

Get picked to be on the peg and then not deliver is a good way to not get on the peg again, I would suspect. :-)