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Full Version: 4 fonctions calc
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I read about the entire site here and never saw that HP did a 4 fonctions calculator- is it true?


did you see this one?

Except for the [%] key, it has only the basic four functions, although it's a printing machine...

Is it what you're searching for? I'm not sure HP have produced any other calcualtor that is simpler than this one.

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Many use their calc only as 4-banger, even HP-41 owners.


Tell me about it...

Outside of APD and Corvallis, there was the HP 01, a more than just a 4-banger on your wrist watch. The HP 01 was really algebraic, whereas the HP 10(A) used the arithmetic entry system.

One should note that although the HP10 is a very simple four banger, if you want to buy one it is one of the hardest machines to find and one of the most expensive models ($350-$750).


a two-years production line (1982-1984), just a few available (I'd say many of them are hidden somewhere OR have just been thrown away), all Voyagers good characteristics, among other reasons... no better bait to call a collector.

I believe at the time it was released, the HP11C was the most "rational" choice: a lot more functions and user memory (2* +). The only 10C I saw in my life was a gift offered by Xerox do Brasil to their salesmen. One of my classmates was the youngest son of one of these salesmen.

The calculator itself is not expensive, the collectors' piece is.