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Full Version: Yet another simulator
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After a bit more fun with Xlib I've come up with the following based on the feedback I got last time. I've also added the 7 segment LED/LCD display code and redesigned the buttons to reduce the size of the border and give me more space for the keyboard legends, hopefully without compromising the 3D effect too much. I've still got to add the border around the keys and the on/off switch...

I'm still not happy with the key legends and may switch to using some kind of bit mask to give me more flexability though this will mean drawing each pixel 'by hand'.

Mike T.

I hope you can either make the simlutor's windows resizable or provide several skins with different sizes.


Edited: 4 Aug 2013, 10:11 p.m.

I havn't forgotton your request - actually it is one of the reasons I may switch to using a bitmap for the legends. Getting X11 fonts to scale must be possible, but it looks like it involves a lot of work and right now I have no idea how to go about doing that, but if I use a bitmap then I can see how to acheive a x2 zoom relativly easily.

As I switched to Windows 7 and 8 over the years, the higher resolutions made your simulators appear smaller--perhaps too small. I appreciate tackling this aspect of your otherwise fine simulators.