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Full Version: ILPer with "auto-extended addressing"
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Ever heard something about "auto-extended addressing" in connection with the HP-IL interface? Ever seen AES, AEP and SAD frames on the bus? Ever had more than 30 instruments in the loop?

ILPer v1.43 available at http://hp.giesselink.com/hpil.htm supports this addressing mode with both internal devices now.

The only HP-IL controller which supports this mode I know, is the IL module of the HP-71B. Unfortunately the HP-IL module simulation of Emu71/Win don't support this operating mode also, so you need a real HP-71B and a PIL-Box for playing.

Enter "SFLAG(-22) @ RESTORE IO @ PRINTER IS PRINTER" on the 71B and see what's happen in the Scope Window of ILPer. :)