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Full Version: wp34s Emulator (Display Residual)
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I noticed a (Display Residual) in the QT Emulator. If you have the calculator in FIX 11 display mode You have Edit Preferences Display Use Real Fonts Checked You press [2] [+/-] [Enter] [Green] [!]

The Domain Error appears, but the residual zeros from the underlying -2.000000000 still appear after Resulting in "Error0000000" in the number part of the display.

I confirmed that ln(0000000000000) does the same thing as well as tan(90.000000000) in degrees mode etc. It seems that most errors don't clear the filled number part of the display before overwriting with the word "Error".

This only occurs in the emulator (not the real calculator) and only
when "Edit Preferences Display Use Real Fonts" is enabled.

This test was performed on version 3430 of the QT emulator and confirmed to be the same behavior in both the Windows and Linux
versions of the emulator.

Edited: 22 July 2013, 10:26 p.m.

Thanks. I'll have a look a it as soon as I can.

I've uploaded a new version which should fix it. Let me know.

Seems to work perfectly now. All of the issues I found have been fixed! Wow that was fast! The speed of fixes by this calculator team defy belief!