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Full Version: Hp 50g Advanced user guide bookmarked
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If this topic was already discussed, i'm sorry. I didn't find anything with a search.

The point is: some years ago i downloaded a very useful version of the hp50g advanced user guide, because it contains bookmarks for every userRpl command.

Now i can't find it anymore (1), neither on hpcalc.org. So, does someone know where (on the web obviously) i can find it?


(1) I lost my version, grrrr.

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I have a copy of it. Drop me a mail and I will gladly send it over (5788 kB). It is indeed an enhanced version of the official AUR with bookmarks added by a forum member if I am not mistaken.


Ehhm... I'd be interested in this, too! Always wondered why there were no links in the document...

+1. A link to it would be sufficient for me. TIA


Me too. Link, please?

Hello all,

there is no link available any longer. Hp interdicts public sharing that bookmarked file (there is no change in content, but for book marks) because of intellectual property reasons.

In my eyes it is a interesting point of view, in which way Hp uses the intellectual property and time investigations of a lot members here (have a look to "prime errors").


Thanks for your help.


some might know, some might not know and some might have forgotten,

so here is my reminder.

This is available as a built-in help inside the HP 50g and here is the video for it:

HP 50G Full Command & Function Reference incorporated into the O.S.

Furthermore, English, German, Portugese, Spanish and Polish are supported.




I had forgotten! Thanks!

PS: i liked on yt.