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Full Version: Need service information for HP 82161A Cassette Drive
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I haven't used my 82161A Cassette Drive in years, so after having to "referbish" the last data tape I was using, and rebuilding the battery pack, I discovered that it isn't writing data.

I can read the old tapes, but when trying to save new programs from my HP-71B, the drive goes through the normal tape movements like it is writing (small bursts near the beginning of tape in the directory area, then a long advance, and more small bursts to the data area), but upon performing a CAT :TAPE, the new program is not in the file list.

I need the service manual, which seems nolonger avail. from HP Parts, and is not on the "Museum DVD Set". Unfortunately all semiconductors have only HP Numbers, so I can't even "shotgun" the repair.

I already have $20 in new battery pack cells, and I would hate to have to throw it away, but is it possible to repair it?

Regards, Peter

You got mail.

The service manual is available from the Australian museum site (same URL as this site, but .net rather than .org).

Most of the ICs, alas, are HP custom parts. However, the buffer RAM is standard (2114-like 1K*4 SRAM) and is quite unreliable in my experience.