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Full Version: hp prime manuals
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first of all let me say that I am very very happy about the Prime project. As soon as i saw the 39gii with the new programming language i understood there was more under the hood :*)

Thank you very much for all the information made available so far about the Prime. This let us understand the product in advance (and save money to buy it). I found Mic's video interesting so please post other videos please...

In my opinion there is a lot to write about the Prime but there is something that for me is very important. The manuals. I understand that most of the people will use the Prime as a simple 4 bangers calculator therefore the small paper booklet provided with the calculator is fine but believe me that the full manual (of the hp39gii) didn't help me to understand the new programming language.

If i compare the programming part of the Hp39gii manual with some other old HP manuals where the programming languages where even more criptic, i don't feel there is a clear explanation of what a new user (and we need new users in this comunity) should do in order to understand how it works.

Probably the Prime will have a different (and clearer) manual but let's think about it or think about having third party manuals like the ''easy course in programming the HP Prime.''

Just my 2 cents

Giancarlo from Italy