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Full Version: WP-34S Overlay - making it a bit more permanent?
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It took a while, but the WP-34S has become my favorite calculator. Even though it has not seen very heavy use, mine is starting to show slight wear around the edges of the stickers on the buttons (very expertly applied by Eric).

I know that the overlays themselves are quite durable, but I was wondering whether anyone has considered sealing the keyboard buttons once the stickers have been applied, to protect the edges.

For example, dipping them in, or spraying on some urethane or other clearcoat finish?

I have no experience with such processes and was just curious whether anyone here has thought about the possibilities. Is there a sealant that would create a durable protective clear layer sealing the stickers to the buttons? (They do it for wood floors, why not calculator buttons?) Also, I have never seen the physical keyboard taken apart - would it be possible to isolate the button enough to give them such a treatment?

Maybe a 3-D plastic overlay with hinges so that it overlays the keytops as well. Something out of a 3-D printer, clear, with indentations on the underside to be filled with colored paint.