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Full Version: HP12C Platinum PC software activation fails
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Hi. I purchased a copy of the HP12C Platinum PC software online from the HP Calculator website but cannot get the software to activate using the information provided by HP/MyCommerce on my Windows 8 Pro PC. The online activation process retries 6 times and fails telling me I am offline to the Internet and then offers an offline activation process but the URL listed (http://activate.hpclaculating.com) does not exist. Digital River/MyCommerce support tell me to contact HP via calculatorsupport@hp.com but my emails have remained unanswered for over a week. Can anyone assist me in either telling me how to activate the software or get HP to authorise mycommerce.com to reimburse me the monies paid for a product that cannot be activated?

Thank you in advance for any assistance

Russ Clinton