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Full Version: Stuck Omnibook 300 pop-out mouse. Ideas?
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Pushing the button moves the mouse a bit, but it does not come all the way out. It comes out perhaps a couple of millimeters. I can push it back in and hear the click, but...

Ideas of any easy way to fix that?

If you have the OB in front of you on a flat surface, with the mouse button on top right position:

Press the button, then pull the mouse to the right until you see the plastic "lead". Push the mouse back into the hole, and start over a few times.



Raymond has described it perfectly. Several of my OB's have this sticking mouse problem also.

You'll want to move the mouse (once out of its hole) full left to right and full up and down - this will calibrate the mouse limits for windows.

Note: The mouse is full removable - just tug hard when it's full out and it'll pop out. You can just re-insert it and it'll pop back it. I've had to replace the mouse in one of my units this way when the mouse buttons quit working.


How hard should I pull on the mouse when it has only come out 2-3 mm ?

I don't want to break it, but sounds like if I pull it too hard it will come out all the way and all would be ok, regardless.

So, push the button and pull pull pull until it comes out ?

Ok, so pulling on the Omnibook 300 mouse did get it pulled out, but here's what it looks like below.

The "glue" holding the three strips has come undone over time. I have carefully tried to get it back into the mouse cable slot, and it does make the cursor move on the screen, but has only left/right motion...no up down, which limits is utility as a mouse. :-)


Ok, I was afraid that it had delaminated - explains the jamming.

First, pop out the mouse from your OB-600 and try it in the 300 to ensure that everything works with a good mouse. Want to make sure nothing got damaged in the slot. The mice are interchangeable between the units.

If this works, then I think I have a spare mouse somewhere. I'll check to see if I can find it.