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Full Version: Second Batch of HP-15 LE calculators
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I see some sellers on TAS selling HP-15C LE and mentioning that it is from the second batch. They imply that the second batch generated a much lower % machines with keyboard problems. Am I reading it right? Anyone out there with a second batch HP-15C LE with keyboard problems???


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How can one tell if their machine is from different batches?

Have a look at a previous post:


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I have two LEs. The first I got right when they launched, so I assume it was the first batch, although I have never had any keyboard problems. The second I ordered right before they disappeared off the web site.

The second one I never opened. The serial number is CNA21101FS. The email threads seem somewhat vague. If I am interpreting the serial number correctly, it means it was manufactured in the 11th week of 2012.

Does it mean that it is the second batch?

And - back to Namir's question - has it ever been shown that there was any difference between manufacturing batches?

There were quality control issues with the early production that supposedly were later rectified. The problem was with some keys not registering when depressed, even with extreme force. These were all made in the Summer of 2011, and HP halted production for a few months before putting them back on the market. Your second unused HP 15c LE is definitely not early production. You can run the self test #3 to verify that all keys work properly.


I purchased two 15le's after missing the initial run. I assume this is the second batch in reference. I have no more difficulty w the 15le keys than the 12p keys. Neither the 15le nor the 12p key has an equivalent feel to my 'original' 15c nor my 11c. Considering the 20 plus years of service of both the the 11c & 15c ... well, draw your own conclusion. I've semi-retired the 11c & 15c from service, fully functioning!


I think machines with serial numbers that start with CNA2 are from the second batch.