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Full Version: Woodstock, Classic & Spices for iPhone
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Now that Marcel Bartosiak's apps for the iPhone are no longer available (rpn21, rpn32e, etc.), are there other Woodstock and Classic simulators available for the iPhone?


The only other Woodstock simulators that I am aware of for IOS are:

RPN25 Calc (free), GO-25 ($1.99) and GO-21 SciRPN ($0.99).

Cuvée Software makes the RPN-45 SD emulator of the HP-45, which is a real gem. Another developer, Amelo Consulting make emulators of the HP 35, 45, 55 & 80, but I haven't tried theirs.


Not exactly a Classic or Woodstock, but 42s (by Byron Foster) is absolutely excellent and lightning fast. It's my preferred calculator if I don't have a real HP with me.
i41CX is very good too and even includes a CAS (plus a ton of HP-41 modules).
I haben't tried Fabian Fraenz' Legendary 67, but it looks promising and includes virtual magnetic cards.

RPN25 is unusable, it's not programmable and the implementation of the stack is buggy:

  • CLx and ENTER do not prevent a stack lift if a number is subsequently entered.
  • As a consequence, pressing 12 ENTER 4 * leaves 48 in X *and* 12 in Y (because ENTER duplicated 12 into Y and entering '4' lifted the stack, moving '12' into Y and Z)!
What happened to Marcel Bartosiak's apps?

Regards, Victor

Just for the sake of completeness, 42S is a derivative of Thomas Okken original work, Free42, which is also available for iOS, as is for many other OS too.

You're right, I should have mentioned that. Excellent piece of work, btw!

What happened to Marcel Bartosiak's apps?

Regards, Victor


I exchanged emails with Maciej. Told me his 11 RPN apps did not sell well so he did not renew his developer's agreement with Apple. He planned to continue working on Nonpareil projects though.


Got em and yes, they're very resourceful apps.

Edited: 8 July 2013, 10:15 p.m.

Since Maciej pulled out, I am not aware of anyone who makes emulators of the Spice series for iOS devices. I wish someone would step up and fill that niche.