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Full Version: How to use XnView to create .gro4 file as in OpenFire?
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Hello, I am trying to save an image with the .gro4 extension. Every time I save it as a GROB, no matter what option I choose in the Color mode Box(binary, grayscale 4/8/16, dithered...) it never saves in .gro4. It always comes out in .gro . By the way, what does that grayscale numbers (4/8/16/32/64)stand for? Is it bits or shades? Just so my steps are clear: I have the "Tools/Options/General/Write/HP GROB/GROB 49 header" choose bottom checked. First, I choose "save as", next I select "GRO - HP-48/49 GROB" and then the Color Box opens and non of the options result in the .gro4 .

One might saw: " Simply use binary grob .gro, pass the image to the sd card, and at the 50g simply select image and press View." That works to some extent. If the original image is not top quality trying to see it in the 50g as .gro is impossible because the transformation to a binary ( black and white) grob reduces much quality. So the image gets even worse. Saving it into any of the Grayscale option and using OpenFire library (http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=6134) at the 50g also doesn't work. After having the image on stack1 and pressing "Right Shift/LIB/OPEN/OFVIE" all of the grayscale (4,8,16,32,64, Dithered or not) grobs done in XnView with turn out funny-distorced-squeezed at the openfire viewer. Using another program instead of XnView, the OpenFire Image Converter (http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=6155) it worked perfectly. Simply drag the image into it, press "Convert to.../4-BIT GROB OPENFIRE (16 Shades)" and it saves .gro4 GROBs ready to copy indo SD and see in the openfire viewer in the 50g. Great image quality. The only problem with the OpenFire Image Converter is that it doesn't have Batch Processing such as XnView. I need to transform over 100 images into .gro4. Using OpenFire Image Converter and transforming images one by one would be a huge exhausting and boring task. If any one could explain me how XnView does to save it in .gro4 Batch Processing would do the rest of the miracle.

Thank you very much!
sorry for my bad english and tons of writing,
Artur KF.

Olá Artur, seja bem-vindo! (welcome here!)

Have you tried posting this question to the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup? Chances are you get a quicker answer there.



same problem here, if you find out how to address this, please let me know.