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Full Version: PARTFRAC error.
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Hello Friends,

I have a HP50g with software #2.15, we are trying solve a partfrac:

(-0.01(x+7500))/((x+5000)ˆ2), the HP show me the result is: -25/(X+5000)/(X+5000).

But the correct result is: -25./(5000.+x)^2-0.01/(5000.+x)

Someone have this problem before?


Romeu Medeiros

Hello Romeu,

if you change -0.01 in -1/100 you get what you want.

The CAS tends to show unpredictable results if you input expressions with floating point values. You should work with exact values.


Hello PeaceCalc,

I dont knew about this issue with the cas.

Now I try like you said, and works correctly. :-)

Thanks a lot

Romeu Medeiros