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Full Version: HP 11C Batteries have lasted 22 years
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I bought the batteries for her in May 1991. To this day the calculator is running like a champ. Kudos to HP for the days when they were all about innovation, invention, quality.

Just wanted to say how long mine have lasted. I noticed on ebay that you all, in the museum, seem to have one with a similar life span on the batteries.

Well, yours is not the only anomaly.

I don't use the calculator all that much, maybe once a week if that. Still... 22 years is really impressive.

Thanks HP.

I bought the batteries for her in May 1991

I don't usually personify my calculators but I like that you do and that your 11C is a 'her'! I bought my 11C right when it first came out and it was my workhorse for 20 years. I still have it, of course, and it's probably on it's 3rd set of batteries.

My 10C dates from 1982. It is still on the original batteries! I admit that since 1992 I have mainly used my 48SX, although the 10C sits in my shirt pocket and gets some use.

I bought my 15C in 1985, and when I sold it in 2005 it had the original batteries and was working file. Wish I hadn't sold it tho :(