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Full Version: 10BII LCD Repair
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I picked up a 10BII at a garage sale on Saturday. Only a few segments of the LCD appeared when I replaced the batteries. Apparently this is a common problem with this calculator.

I recently obtained a Philips TSU3000 remote control which has a similar common problem: the touchscreen fails over time. The ribbon cable from the touchscreen is glued to the touchscreen pads and contact is lost as the device ages. The fix for this is to pierce the ribbon cable at the touchscreen pads using a needle or
something like an X-Acto knife. The cable is pierced through to the pads on the glass. I repaired mine using a sewing needle (there are only four pads).

I wondered whether the 10BII failure might be a similar bonding problem, so I used an X-Acto knife to pierce both ends of the ribbon cable for each trace. When I had finished, the display worked correctly. It passes the self-test.

I thought it might be worthwhile to mention this technique as potentially applicable in similar situations.