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Full Version: nav pacs
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Browsing through the hpmuseum.org site, I cam upon references to nav pacs, which I assume are currently available. The were listed under Calculator Manuals as follows:

HP 29C Navigation Solutions (CD 08)
HP 41C Nav Pac (CD 07)
HP 65 Nav Pac (CD 08)

I wonder if any of the above can be loaded on the current HP 50G and run on this calculator.

The programs you mentioned, for various RPN machines, are incompatible with graphing RPL machines like the HP-50G.


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Your answer is not what I hoped to hear, not your fault though, I asked.

That having bee said, will they, any of them, work with this WP34S, about which posts have appeared, it being a modification of an older HP calculator, and non-graphing.

Response from any other viewers appreciated.


In the little experience I've had with wp34s so far, it looks like it's architecture is very compatible with predescessor's calcs architectures, while command set is, pretty much, superset of them all. It should be easy to port any rpn program that does not use nasty tricks to wp34s.

As an exersise, I am willing to try to convert a program of your choice from a navpac of your choice to a wp34s and report on how easy or hard it was. (i have cds, a man needs a name)

Edit: looks like only 29C has actual program listings, 41 and 65 are just manual and programs must be on cartridges.

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You could use HrastProgrammer's HP-41E MicroEmulator to run the programs of the HP 41C Nav Pac.




Thanks for the response. BTW, I believe that we have ""met"" on NavLiast.

As for trying the Nav Pacs on a WP34S, try any one convenient for you, just so long as it is a free standing program that could be loaded/entered into a WP34s, and properly run thereon.I assume that these 3 Pacs would include the necessary almanac data and have sight reduction and plotting capabilities. The user would provide date, time of shot (UT), DR position, name of body shot, sextant reading, index correction acid height of eye. The program or PAC would do the grubby arithmatic, ultimately providing a ""fix."". This might become another interesting ""plaything"", e3specially for landlocked navigators such as myself.

We, probably, did meet there. It is a small world.

I picked program "Rhumb line navigation" from pages 30-33 of hp-29c navpac. This program calculates course and distance between two points along the rhumb line. I entered the program verbatim. I had to use 2 digit register names while program uses one digit. Also, GSB is XEQ, ->H is ->HR, ->P is ->POL -- all equivalents were pretty easy to guess.

Both supplied examples worked right away with no surprises.
Second example is tricky -- course crosses 180 meridian -- but still works flawless.

As far as almanac goes, HP29 pack does not have any almanac (but does have a sight reduction program). 41 has "perpetual" almanac data for nav stars, sun, moon and planets. It does not say when it expires. Stars are most accurate (up to 1 minute), then planets (2'), and Moon (5')