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Full Version: Getting a ROM dump for 15C
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I ask this with trepidation, as I am sure there are scary intellectual property concerns and I should tread softly.

I recently acquired an Android tablet and have become a huge fan of Olivier de Smets's work. I want to purchase his go15c app, but I don't know how the heck to get a ROM dump even though I own both an original USA-made 15C and a recently acquired 15C LE, and thus am legally allowed to possess such code.

Any guidance, folks? Much appreciation in advance...


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Thomas, I would not have even known that this was where to look to formulate the Google search. Thank you so much for doing the work for me. Les.

Enjoy your go15c! It's both convenient and scary that the internet doesn't forget.



Eric Smith mentioned that 'there apparently were bug fixes' at least for the HP-11C. Are there firmware revisions known also for the HP-15C? And other Voyagers? Did Eric pack patched ROMs with his Nonpareil or are they unaltered originals?

Just curious.....Mike