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Full Version: Land surveying programs have nowhere to go
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Hey all.

I'm having trouble giving away free software. It's a weird problem to have and quite frustrating.

Anyways, I developed a full suite of land surveying programs for the 33s and 35s. Geared mostly to the surveying crowd who is taking their exams, the programs cover a wide variety of topics.

Also, from a programming standpoint, I thought I did some neat things with the software, like making the programs run in both RPN and ALG modes interchangibly, using on screen "menus", and having full documentation with examples and images. In fact, both the user manual and the software are in neat, easy-to-read PDFs.

The only problem is that I tried to contact HPCALC.org and this forum to see if they want to post them, but they never returned my emails.

If anyone has any ideas on where to post them, please contact me by using the forum contacts. Thanks.



hpcalc.org is focussed on the RPL machines, like the HP 48 and up to the 50g, and it's the best site for those machines. But there may not be the best place for 33s/35s programs, since the 33s/35s are completely different stuff.

I'd suggest to contact the curator of this site (hpmuseum.org) for more info on how to submit programs here.




Do you have a web site?


I wrote "close" program for the WP-34s suitable for australian rules.
It does standard adding lines and calculating area plus two missing distances case and in case of closed figure - Bowditch adjustment.
A couple of my colleagues find it useful and use it in their day work. I'd gladly share it if there is interest.

You're welcome to post them on the HP Calculators Wiki. It's open to anything like that.

It's here: http://www.wiki4hp.com

If you have any issues, let me know.


Dear Bruce,

this link ...


... on the doku page links back to itself:



Raymond - i've tried to contact hpmuseum.org (see original post).

Kim - not anymore.

Reth - good to know.

Bruce - Thank you for the offer. I will definitely think about it. Would you be willing to start a new section on your website for RPN programs? Also, Thomas Radtke is right. The link to your forums is busted.


Dr Bill Hazelton [http://www.wollindina.com/] has a web site w/ 33s & 35s surveying programs. Maybe a 'new' 34s page?


Land surveying programs have nowhere to go

I would think that a land surveying program would be particularly qualifed in finding a place to go. :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist. Good luck with your search.

Absolutely. No problem. Let me know what you need.



True. The forums weren't used much. It's hard to compete with these forums, which have a much longer history. At some point, I may put the forums back up if there is demand, but right now it's just silly to have unused forums there.

I'll correct the link from the main page, though.




There is always an interest in programs on this forum. Count me as slightly more vocal in the affirmative.