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Full Version: WP-34S Bug Report
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Last week I bought a WP-34S calculator from Eric Rechlin and I am generally very pleased with the advanced technology incorporated into this device. I did, however, discover one small bug that I wish to report. The "Complex Hyperbolic Tangent" function does not follow the rules described in the manual of using RADIANS exclusively.

When the calculator is in the DEGREES or GRADS mode, the Complex Hyperbolic Tangent function (and none of the other complex trig functions) erroneously performs a conversion of the imaginary component into RADIANS (from DEGREES or GRADS depending on the mode)
before performing the calculation. If the calculator is actually in the RADIANS mode then the Complex Hyperbolic Tangent function performs as expected. Example: With 3 in the X register and 4 in the Y register (representing the complex number 3 + i4 ) with the calculator in DEGREES mode the Complex Hyperbolic Tangent function returns a result of 0.99510252637 (real) 0.00068657645 (imag).
The correct answer is: 1.00070953607 (real) 0.00490825807 (imag)

My actual calculator has a VERS string "34S3.2T3382" and I also
confirmed that the emulator with Version 3.2 SVN 3402 exhibits
the same behavior, so I believe the bug has not been fixed yet.

Yes, a bug. A fix has been committed. A build will come later, I can't access the build machine at present.

- Pauli

Windows is a mess... ;(

After an hour or so of updating the build system I was finally able to do a rebuild of the WP 34S software. It's available on SVN.

I tried a bunch of svn clone commands that I found on various web pages related to the wp-34s, but none of them seem to work.

Can you quote me the EXACT svn clone command needed to retrieve the binary flash files I need to update my wp34s so that it will no-longer have the "Complex Hyperbolic Tangent" bug?

The following should do:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/wp34s/code wp34s

It will download the complete tree.

If you just want to get to the binaries try this in your browser: