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Full Version: WP-34s pocket reference
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I started a WP-34s pocket reference project. I believe a calculator, especially as sophisticated as WP-34s, should have a shirt pocket-compatible reference.

This is not a replacement for user guide. It is assumed that user has studied the guide at home and uses the pocket reference as a reminder in the field.

Close to 100% of a content would come from IOP, listing all functions, their calling interfaces and unobvious actions. I am also struggling finding the function in the menus, even when I know what it is called -- so I am including clues on where to find them.

Right now I simply copied words from the IOP, but eventually, there will need to be some editing done to include necessary information where IOP simply references other chapters of a guide.
I am open to suggestions what else should go there.

Here is what I got so far:

Pages 75 to 83 of user guide formatted for compactness

This is a prototype of what I am trying to achieve. Formatted to 3"x5.5", same size as a calculator.

First 16 mini pages rearranged and tiled for printing

If you want to have a feel of what it would look like on paper, here is a sample. It looks ugly in pdf viewer, but ok in print, I have no idea why that happened. Must be some artifact of my tiling process.
It is arranged for letter size. If you are going to print it on A4, make sure it is CENTERED and NOT SCALED. Also, it needs to be printed on both sides of the page (duplex mode).

If you decide to print this page, please note the font size. I think it is still big enough, and I can make it a little bit smaller, but I would like to know if you think it is already too small.

Edited: 8 June 2013, 11:11 p.m.

Brilliant idea!

ps. As long as it's readable on iPhone screen without zooming (see HP41 app), thickness of a paper copy is irrelevant.

Edited: 9 June 2013, 6:14 a.m.

I think we're in for one of the largest pocket references :-)

- Pauli

Edited: 9 June 2013, 1:23 a.m.

Enjoy! I guess we may eventually see a pocket reference pi times as thick as the calculator if continued this way - still a pocket book (for the other pocket for symmetry/balancing reasons ;-) ). Good luck anyway!


It needs a plastic cover - to double as a pocket protector.