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Full Version: New HP 35S Programs posted on my blog
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More porting programs from the 1970s to the current day - so much fun!

HP35S Fraunhofer Diffraction - Spherical

HP 35S: Sun Altitude, Azimuth, Solar Pond Absorption

HP35S Music Pitch: Next Half-Step Up and Down

Have a great weekend, Eddie

Glad to see the 35S still being used, but a purist might complain about some of the documentation for the "music pitch" program. While the math itself is fine, the standard pitches given are not used in music today (they are referred to as scientific pitch, proposed in 1713 but haven't caught on yet), but anyway, A is 440 Hz, which puts the next C at about 523.25 (middle C is actually one octave lower at 261.6), not even close to anything practical musically. That subject goes on to include the tempered scale (dictated by 2^1/12) but in practical performance professional musicians don't actually stick to this, rather they play what sounds better to the ear (except for a piano, which is "stuck" in its exact 'equal temperament' tuning). Just saying, since this program uses too much precision to actually matter! Ok, I'll step down from my soapbox. Still love the forum, I check it all the time for interesting posts.

Sorry, "not even close..." is referring to the pitches in the program as given. I was moving too fast .. cheers and regards.