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Full Version: [OT?]Orthography corrector needed.
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Hi all,

I'm not a big fan of pointing other's errors (I've got my own errors to point at) but can't resist this one since the "error density" (so to say) is outstanding.

This is the thing, you'll find:





In about 2 square inches!

Sad, very sad, is what is happening to our languages... (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian... all of them) and seems noone cares about it.

Enjoy your HP's and best wishes from Caribbean.


PS. My eBay nick "Replycant", no relation whatsoever with the seller.

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Enjoy you HP's and best wishes from Caribbean.



Thanks for pointing it out Walter, I've corrected it already.

Fortunately I haven't had this post printed in aluminium foil with adhesive backing... nor I'm asking 25CHF for each copy of it... :-))

All the best.


Just because this is a thread on spelling; you did not correct the second mistake

Plural: HPs

Possessive: HP's


I share your opinion. The point you make is seen so often, however, that I tend to conclude English spelling is simply not logic at all. That's life (or it seems to be at least).


I was thinking the same about
|| and seems noone cares about it||

Speling orthografy is a transient development wich began in the 18th century. It has no consistant basis befor that.

Beowulf / Biowulf and etc.

Look at Lewis and Clark's notes for another more recent example--showing that Dan Webster and Sam Johnson's dictionaries took a wile to effect change.

Hi Bill. I'm not sure I understand the point of your post. Have you used any of the online spell checkers?

I wasn't familiar with Samuel Johnson's work until I read your post and did some investigation. So, thanks for that.

By the way, you referenced Dan Webster. Did you mean Noah Webster?



I think that the point of the post is that insistence on "canonical" orthography is a relatively recent fad with no meaningful rationalization.