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Full Version: TI-BAII plus clone (with emulator)
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Today I found the following website:


I've never before heard of this 'Fiamo ABA10' calculator, and it's almost identical to the TI-BAII plus financial calculator.

Since the same site is also reachable from the following link


I'm quite sure that it is indeed just a clone of this BAII plus.

And what's even more interesting: you can download an emulator for this calculator from this website!

I was looking for a BAII plus emulator for a long time and finally there is it - great! :-)


Thank you for this hint.

BTW, the emulator is a 30 days trial only. If you like simple calculators then try this. No time limit, no expiry, alas a simulation only, but of the first pocket calculator assembled in Germany:


BTW, the emulator is a 30 days trial only.

Well, that's not really a problem - 2 solutions:

1) simply delete the emulators registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MC and the trial period starts again,

2) or drop me an email to fix it permanently. ;-)


No, not necessary. Got enough emulators here. But there is no help with all calculators against innumeracy. I did not passthis test with 0 errors. :( Hard luck.