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Full Version: OT: DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS using the HP-48G/GX
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I wanted to see how much the book is going for, so I took a quick look on Amazon.com

and it is on sale between 331 and 900 USD. It seems a lot of money.

Interesting enough, amazon.de lists a seller who sells it for a reasonable 33 EUR


No idea why it's so expensive, anyway I thought I'd share in case somebody is interested in the reasonably priced unit

If not mistaken, the contents of this differential equations book as well as a related linear algebra book and a calculus book were all packaged into one large volume entitled HP-48G/GX INVESTIGATIONS in MATHEMATICS by Latorre, Kreider and Proctor, that is usually available at a reasonable price.

It seems like these are just sellers with no physical stock; instead they are auto-listing other stock while adding 500% surcharge :)

So hundreds of dollars is most likely not the current market value, it's more or less a random price. If someone buys it: Party time for the seller!