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Full Version: a new variant of the 200LX?
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was browsing the web for interesting palmtop related websites this evening, and i ran across the following page:


have a look at the pictures halfway down (or thereabouts) and you'll see a 200LX bearing the following writing on the escutcheon around the screen:

"Palmtop PC. 2MB RAM / DS", and to the right a logo for 'American International Assurance'.

the printing all seems HP original, and i can hardly imagine any company producing their own version that contains the HP logo. other photos show a 32MHz clock crystal fitted quite professionally, and makes me wonder if HP ever produced a factory-fitted doublespeed version of the 200LX for specific customers. could the machine also have a version of the firmware tweaked for the different clock rate, without need for using a driver?

I can only guess that this was part of a special order, perhaps customized for the needs of the insurance company. AIA is a Hong Kong based insurance company that used to be part of American International Group.