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Full Version: HP49G - Connection Cable to PC
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I purchased the connection cable for the HP48SX thinking that HP would provide a converter for the HP49G. HP indicated on 9/21/99 that a whole new cable will be available in November 99'. Does anyone know where I can get an HP49G converter or cable so I can download the new operating system for the HP49G? Thanks, Mike

You can use the 4 pin to 10 pin converter supplied with the HP 38G/48 series connectivity kit (HP F1207B). Wholesale Products sent this kit as a substitute when it became clear the 49 specific kit would not be available for some time. It is my understanding the 4 pin to 10 pin converter supplied with the DOS-Compatible cable (HP F1015A) could damage your 49G. The convertor supplied in my HP F1207B kit has a molded in part number of 1252-6635. Good luck and take care.


Thanks, I contact Wholesale for the part. Mike