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Full Version: HP50g rebind stat key
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Does anyone know if it is possible to rebind the STAT key [RS 5] to open menu 96 rather than a choose box? I have flag 117 set to soft menu but it still shows the rather useless choose box for this key.

I've bound << 96 MENU >> to a user key via ASN but its still another thing I have to remember.

I've become addicted to the sigma-stat functions and would like them a little closer to hand :)

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I assume that the closest thing you will come to is bounding

<< 96 MENU >> to [RS] [STAT].

Note that you can also jump directly to a second or third page or to any other submenu.

Any other way would require modifying the keyhandler in the ROM

by HP or taking over the keyhandler of the ROM as my MLP is doing.

Alternativly create a custom menu and bound this to your desired key.




The list of most menu numbers is in the AUR.

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