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Full Version: OT: Visiting the US (NY & LA) - wants to meet calc nerds
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It would be great to meet at least one calculator nerd during my visit to the US in mid June - just to satisfy my somewhat socially off interest.

Here's the itinerary: In NY Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June and in LA Tuesday 18th until Friday 21st.

Anyone in those areas up for a coffee and an HP(-41) chat?

Perhaps the L.A. one.

Drop me an e-mail (g@isene.com)

I would like to join the one in Los Angeles (I'll have to check my schedule)

I haven't been to USA yet. If I have a chance, that's the city I'd like to know first.

Amazing video of there, a long time ago:


There is Tony Bennett's of course, but I like this one as well.

Enjoy the trip!

Every city or area has its good and bad places of course, but as one who lives in Los Angeles County and has been up and down the coast, I prefer Santa Barbara, San Diego, Morro Bay (which is small but beautiful) and others, over San Francisco. If you come so far to California, it would be good to try to see these if you can.

Even in Los Angeles County however, we have mountains where you can be quite isolated from humanity; and more locally, we can be four miles from home in the hills and not see any sign of civilization in any direction except the pavement we're on.

Both northern and southern California would be nice places to visit. I had the wrong idea San Francisco wasn't so far from Los Angeles, but on checking the distance I've found they're farther away from each other than Rio and São Paulo! A globe would be much useful, if I had one. I don't plan to travel to USA in the near future, but when I do California will be certainly a destination.

They're 400 miles apart by road the shorter, less-pleasant way, and 500 miles if you take the beautiful coast route, Pacific Coast Highway.