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Full Version: Emulators for iOS on sale today
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I had placed a watch on Maciej's excellent 34c emulator a while back, and was just notified that now the price dropped to free. Then I noticed that all of his emulators are free right now. Act fast while you can get them! :)

This would for the models 21, 25, 33e, 34c, 35, 45, 55, 37e, 38c, 89, etc. There are a pile of them; I may have missed a couple models.

Here's a link to the 55 emulator. All the rest are listed on the "Related" page.




Not any more for most of them...

He seems to have withdrawn the 34C unfortunately. The iOS drop-down list still shows the 34C, but if you select it, an error page will pop up.

Strange, I don't see any of Maciej's apps on the App Store today. I think he had 11 calcs from the Classic, Woodstock and Spice series. Anyone know what's happening?