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Full Version: Anyone got a 39gII and doesn't mind memory loss?
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I've got an... experiment... I need run on a 39gII. Based on it crashing the emulator, and causing memory loss (although the connkit (that I still had running) restored it inadvertently), I'm expecting it to cause memory loss on the real calc.

Store 0 in A, then run this code:

A+1 STO> A;
(the STO> is actually a different character, but the forum parser didn't like it)

Run for 10 minutes, or until the calculator crashes. Please report what number it reaches, and whether it crashes or not. Also please report if you can stop the program without a battery pull, if it doesn't crash. And, please report what happens when it crashes.

(The goal here is to see how deep HP allows the call stack to be, and what happens when the call stack runs out.)

Ran for 1 min 17 secs and reached 5837 before hanging. Had to remove the batteries to kill it. No other programs or data in the calc at the time so that stack depth is most probably a factor of memory available.

Did it act like it had been freshly reset?

That does seem like a function of memory, as the emulator was up to a few million and no signs of stopping - the emulator probably won't stop until it's saturated 2 GiB of RAM (including swap space).

Did it act like it had been freshly reset?

I'm not sure what you mean. The calc just stopped with the numbers left on the display. It didn't reset itself.

I mean, after reinstalling the batteries, did it boot up normally, or boot up as if you had done a factory reset?