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Full Version: HP32SII Battery Life
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I have an HP32SII that drains the batteries in about 1 week, even if it's not used. Has anyone run into this type of problem? It's a nice calculator, but I can't keep investing in new batteries every week.

Hello Paul,

I have several Pioneers in my collection. None of them has this problem! The HP42s which I have for normal usage has the same batterie-set for almost 3 years.

In my opinion the built-In capacitor is damaged and as you know you cannot open your calculator ...

Sorry for that answer

Andreas Stockburger

Paul - any chance that a past set of batteries have leaked in the battery compartment? Do you keep the calc where buttons might be pressed?

No battery leaks or damage. At first I thought it might have a button presses while in my briefcase, but I left it out for the last set of batteries.

I also have a 42S, and have no battery problems with it. I'm not familiar with the insides, but is the 'built in capacitor' for the purpose of maintaining memory while changing batteries? Next question, any idea where it might be located? The HP32S picture at this site shows the back of the circuit board. If it's near the top, I'm thinking I might be able to access and disconnect it from under the battery cover without totally disassembling it. I've already figured out a way to install a small switch to disconnect the battery without completely tearing it apart, but that would mean having erased memory every time I use it.